Corporate Overview

Pavilions & Interiors is a well known name in the realm of exhibition design and Fabrication. It has played a leader's role, delivering creative design solutions for trade shows and stalls since 1972. A constantly evolving entity, the company has since then spread out into areas like retail, interiors, and museums. And the effort to explore newer areas still continues.

ISO 9001:2008

The first I S O certified exhibition design and Fabrication Company in India, P&I is recognized for its pioneering role in setting standards.

P&I's design solutions stand apart for their creativity, feasibility and reliable engineering.

Its unique ability to seamlessly link art and engineering makes its designs visually stunning and technically sound. Motivated work force, proven technology and fresh ideas enable P&I to achieve the same every time.

With a client base spanning the globe, it has the experience to customize solutions for almost every requirement; cutting across geographical boundaries, local conditions and technologies.

P&I realizes the importance of addressing the client's needs on their own terms with due regard to culture and identity, be it a domestic, public sector or an international requirement.

Over four decades of experience and wide exposure enables P&I to rise up to any design challenges.