Over the four decades of presence as leader in exhibitions having a complete production infrastructure in place, P & I witnessed a new trend – Era of Retail Marketing. It saw the markets evolve and mature in nature and foresaw the emerging scenario where retail would grossly alter its face.

The understanding of the Brands and their peculiar needs at the retail point being P&I’s strength, the management visualized the changing purchase patterns driven by higher incomes and the changes in shopping missions. P&I could thereby come out with purchase drivers as solutions, which were distinctly different from any ordinary Point of Sales activity. Having mastered the art of branding and product displays, P & I stepped in to the ever-expanding retail world. With clients feeling the need to market themselves through their product positioning and strategic displays, the retail arena saw a quantum jump in trade activities.

The success of any market activity depends on creative designs and innovative display ideas. Having worked with displays in exhibitions for long, P& I found itself at the pole position in the retail market. It also acquired the latest machinery to augment its production base and presently has CNC routers, post-forming machines, panel saws, edge-banding machines and all other kinds of wood and metal working machines.

Among its elite customers in retail, the names of Honda Cars, Sony and Samsung stand out.